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Lau Gar Kung Fu and kickboxing is a highly effective combination of both traditional southern Chinese martial arts and modern kickboxing.  The style itself is mostly described as an external hard style; this means that much of the training focus is on physical strength, fitness and flexibility in order to develop powerful punches and kicks, although as you progress to higher levels you will learn to develop powerful internal strength as well. 


An average training session  will consist of a warm up, stretching session, pad and focus mitt work, walking / technique training and form (set movements which help to improve the flow, balance and contains the ancient moves of Lau Gar Kungfu). We also teach freestyle kickboxing, which includes options sparring (controlled fighting using gloves and feet pads).  


Absolutely everyone can benefit From martial arts training, men, women and children of all ages. Benefits can range from increased physical fitness, more self-confidence to increased flexibility and agility. You will learn both effective self defence as well as developing powerful attacks and for those of you interested in entering competitions and the tournament fighting arena there will be plenty of opportunities


Martial arts is more than just punching and kicking, our training is designed to equip students with all the skills necessary in today's world. 



Established in 1989 Kevin Brewerton's United Martial Arts International has the reputation for the highest degree of excellence. The founder and president Mr. Kevin Brewerton is recognised internationally for his contribution to the world of martial arts.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or for extra information:-

 Ian Watts

 (Senior instructor)

- 07860232128



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Cost is £9.50 per class

£8 with membership.



MONDAY 8.30-10pm

THURSDAY's adhoc


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