What is Lau Gar Kung Fu ? 


Lau Gar Kuen is derived from a form of boxing practiced at Kuei Ling Temple situated in Kong Sai Province in west China. It was learned from a monk on retreat from that temple by Master Lau Sam Ngan, Three Eyed Lau, a tiger hunter, whom we honour as founder of our style. He is reputed to have earned his name because of a deep scar in the middle of his forehead which resembled a third eye. The style subsequently became popular over a large part of south west China. In fact all of the southern systems of kung fu are derived from 5 major styles namely: Lau, Hung, Choy, Li and Mok.


The style was brought to the UK in the 1960'S where it has become the UK's most popular style of Kung Fu. The style itself rose to fame when several of the first UK students ever to be taught the style became world famous competition fighters. Watford Lau Gar itself is founded by Kevin Brewerton, who was one of these first students. Kevin himself, known as Kevin the JEDI Brewerton was 5 times world champion.


As a kung fu style Lau Gar is typical of most forms of Shaolin kung fu in that it is classified as an external hard style. This is because of its emphasis on the physical training and external power. External styles emphasise physical fighting techniques, conditioning the body and using technique to generate immense power. A 'hard' style will feature blows which are seen to be powerful by an observer and results in bruises and broken bones, plus internal damage if the boxer is good enough.


At Watford Lau Gar you will learn self defence and the basic punching and kicking techniques before progressing on to more advanced techniques, including jumping, spinning and hook kicks, as well as knife defence and weapons forms such as broad swords, staff and butterfly swords.

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 Ian Watts

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Cost is £9.5 per class

£8 with membership.



MONDAY 8.30-10pm


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